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Hi there!

I'm DeeDee and this is my honey, Bobby!  We are so glad you stopped by to visit our blog.  I am the author and photographer of our blog and Bobby is the "get-it-done" man!  You may find us doing some type of DIY job in the house, outside in the yard or maybe even in the camper.  We are always up to something fun!  Bobby is very handy and can do what ever he puts his mind to.  I love to craft and cook.  We try and give good tutorials of everything we post, but if you ever need to know more, just ask!

You can also find us on Hometalk, Pinterest and Instagram.

If you need to contact me, please email me at deedee.campbell@yahoo.com

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  1. thanks so much in coming to my Fabulous Friday Party and linking up that fabulous Candy Corn DIY, Love your contact info so I can send you invites every two weeks, thats when I do my parties.

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  3. Looking forward to browsing your blog..I saw your Vintage Curtain (Christmas) and made my way to your laundry room (CUTE)..and one thing leads to another, I could be here all day, now I am heading to the laundry soap recipe.if something else doesn't grab me first :) great blog!


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